life is not just the work of the moment, science, art, philosophy, you find a better world.

this desperate fact is, you can accept the formal notice.


The growth process of

a person, like a stone sculpture from the unknown shape, polished cutting knife and a file, and the concrete continuous molding, the price is, sculpture has been unable to go back, like the life can not be heavy.

past experience is a knife, you create the one and only character and preference, which often subtly influences the wind sneaked into the night, your every act and every move, sensible men, the best way is probably the "fate" and "knowledge": self understanding, adapt to the trend. A way out of their love.

I believe everyone has a "life" number.

this is not life metaphysical destiny, but your character".

character formation mechanism is very complex, a child’s sense of security, security mechanisms, childhood education, can form your character.

some people, from a young age to have a sense of security, so grow up will be very natural self-confidence, numerous examples show that self-confidence is sometimes decisive for success.

some people, from an early age and not too much sense of security, so grow up will feel inferior. These factors will slowly determine your character and interest, personality and interests will determine your future career.

I put the people around me often divided into several types (of course, does not mean that all people use this standard division, which is only my perception):

this kind of people have a few significant characteristics, know a lot of people, social people. There are so many people on the inside of his WeChat friends circle, his interest and understanding, is the understanding of people is his interest to talk to people who were interested in him, ask him for help, he immediately find someone from WeChat to pull out all kinds of people to you.

me about such people have dozens, most of the first job is the media and marketing background, the future after the start, but also to do business circle, business mostly engaged in the core of human media, or doing business investment. The advantages and disadvantages of this kind of personality are particularly obvious, the advantage is the ability to expand is very strong, but the shortcomings are also very obvious, there is no way to do a thing very focused.

analysis of this type of personality me friend, found that most interest widely, contact the capability of information is very strong, in your mind, is "not reliable" type, not the so-called reliable means may still do a business today, tomorrow may begin to toss a new things, unlimited energy, you he is always in the feeling of new things of interest, never have a real love crazy.

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