bus advertising can do? We see the most is to estimate the advertisement disabled old seat! But he made epic bus ads, I did not see how many times, also thirty times! Look at the bus body advertising houses, look around us……


, the central city of Edmonton, ETS (Edmonton Transit System), the latest ad has chosen to take the "cool" route. The name "ETS Cool Bus" ads, the epic narrative: the slow motion of the passengers on the train poker-faced praise jubilant, car facilities voiceover, passionate music……

2012 Midttrafik, a Danish bus agency, is similar in style. Canadian ETS spokesman Jennifer Laraway also admitted that ETS’s advertising was inspired by previous Danish advertising.

but this is not important, it is important that people’s bus advertising creative enough. In addition to the bus advertising, as well as some bus body advertising is also very creative. Think about the bus body advertising we daily see, feel ashamed.


Copenhagen zoo advertising done a little too much, it is said that many children because the bus is not even dare to sit, although the real can be, but also pay attention to the impact of ah.


overload! Vehicles are not overloaded!


don’t look at the car and throw it in, because it’s a bus, not a garbage truck. If you really throw your own garbage, it’s easier to find a trash can. This is a bus in Holland.


this advertisement is called "wrong", is designed by JWT Hongkong advertising company, released. The first time of the bus is 2007 in the year of July.


"let’s all stop the trafficking of people!".


don’t squeeze the bus, otherwise the consequences of not.

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