IP: access to web site users. A IP corresponds to a user.

      intention: user interest, intention, focus


      website profit model, there are a variety of classification methods.

      from whether to meet the user’s intent to classify, is divided into two categories, one is a shopping website, a kind of shopping guide website.


      shopping is a relatively broad statement, meaning a wide range, including a variety of trading behavior. Any sale of certain real or virtual products, or the provision of an actual or virtual service, or as an intermediary, to provide a certain transaction environment, thereby earning revenue, is a shopping site. This type of shopping website by meeting the needs of the user transactions, user intent to achieve revenue. For example, a typical eBay, Dangdang, Alibaba, pig eight quit, etc..


      although Taobao itself provides trading places, but not on the transaction fee, the profit pattern is not clear, does not belong to the type of shopping site, to see from the to, is likely to become a shopping guide website.


      shopping guide website, itself does not directly meet the user’s intention, it will meet the user intention, and user transaction opportunity to transfer to third parties, this kind of behavior is the intention of the user through the sale of profit. More typical Google, Baidu these search engines, such as Sina and other media portal sites and watercress nets and other Web2.0 sites.

      of course, most of the site is the combination of a variety of profit model, they have multiple channels, some shopping channel is the channel, channel is some shopping guide channel, this kind of website is usually user intent of insider trading.


      shopping site profit model can be divided into different forms according to different forms. There’s no discussion here.


      this paper discusses how to guide the shopping site user intent, enhance the value of IP. According to the user’s intention is clear, thus determining the value of IP is the size difference. IP value of the user’s intention is clear, higher than the user intent fuzzy IP value. Web site through which way to clear.

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