not only rely on the good business but also by the "face" of hard work, has been combined with office space interior design award in Germany as in Wework, it reached the Chinese situation, now with the flood of capital to join the ranks of the industry giants to fight.

from joint office space company in Shanghai released the latest sugar Town, the company has been acquired by CDH investment partners, gopher assets and China live hotel group with the investment A round of investment of nearly 200 million yuan, which is currently the largest Chinese joint office areas of the A round of financing of.

sugar town was established in April 2015, November 2015, 30 million Angel round of financing, now has 18 communities, more than 10 thousand stations, including 16 communities in Shanghai, Shanghai is the largest joint office operators. Sugar town has also become a domestic joint office area second valuation of more than 1 billion yuan of the company, the other is a star real estate entrepreneur Mao Daqing founded the Hugo workshop.

founder and chief executive of sugar town dream Wanli River: joint office today is a complete subversion of the traditional office of the mission, the joint office is not a simple office, it gathered a group of the most innovative entrepreneurial groups, after being built under the mobile Internet era is a traffic entrance, the number of innovative business people will to create a joint office in the line of space fermentation, innovation, breakthrough, growth, nurturing and mutual assistance, so as to form a mutual trust and mutual support mixed ecological environment. This is a human centered innovation and Entrepreneurship of the state, for China’s innovation and development to provide more innovative sources.

he also revealed several strategies for the future development of sugar town expansion:

"base strategy". When peers have a wide range of distribution in the country, sugar town rooted in the most valuable Beijing and Shanghai key breakthrough, intensive distribution, first in Shanghai and then do the way ahead, concentrated layout of a city;

core area strategy". Selection of sugar town are concentrated in the core area of the city, in Shanghai people’s Square, Nanjing Road, Nanjing West Road, Jingan Temple, Xujiahui, Shanghai, Lujiazui, Zhongshan Park, Beijing stadium, China World Trade Center CBD intensive distribution, the Shanghai Business District of Xujiahui will focus on the 5 communities, and the existing property nearly half of the metro, as domestic rare;

full rent strategy". Sugar town gathered the most outstanding space operations team, with its excellent products and excellent operation and marketing, so that the community average occupancy rate of more than 92%, the spatial agglomeration of the beauty beautiful makeup, jackfruit, everyone, LETV live, Sherlock crayfish, the positive and the island, emerging companies such as super curriculum also, there are industry giants such as the U.S. group comment;

"characteristic product strategy". Sugar town attaches great importance to give the customer a surprise of the products, so the first in the industry to employ bold >

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