want to do micro business how to find sources? Just do micro business novice most afraid to meet a liar, and now a lot of micro business products are fakes. We cheated in order to avoid, a good home for you is the derivative of the road plays a very big role, so a good home, a home what is? Is able to provide you with quality goods and is willing to share with you about your training or derivative of the knowledge and skills of the people because some micro business, home only give you delivery, follow-up about whether ask, I think every new derivative for such cases is very upset, because you need to start, a good guide, a good teacher can find a willing to guide their home is what a lucky thing, a reliable home, his product quality, professional knowledge, social skills are to be recognized, so you can learn more knowledge in marketing at the same time, can not be quickly integrated into the micro business Marketing track.  

first, look at the house there is no time to teach you. Second I think it is fate, some agents can find other low price, but do not go, followed before the home, that home is good for him, they would have been very few, so he chose. Third, look at home there is no fake information. These are how to choose products and the family need to pay attention to the place. Then there is the team, to join a good team will make you particularly relaxed, comfortable body and mind, happy to make money, every day to share the experience, experience, you will learn a lot unconsciously. If you are in a scheme against each other team, dig dug agents, customers, slightly wrong have hit you to the above report, usually in the group of zero communication. Do you have some photos show buyers shot, he would not say directly away to his circle of friends or space. Found that you do particularly well, in your name to do false propaganda, as unfair competition. And you’ll find that you’re so tired. If a good home is to provide you with the stage, so a good team is to let you play a role in the arena of people.

need to pay attention to some of the errors:

error: love and see which family gift gift. Want to know the quantity of gift is not equal to the quality, the good thing is enough. For example, suitable for novice operation promotion method, which is enough to make you a lot of money. Send a lot of gifts on the contrary. As the saying goes, give a person to fish as delegate to fish, even if he gave you more gifts, but do not teach you marketing experience, you still do not have turnover, then he gave you more than the top of the gift with a fart?

error two: like those manufacturers to declare the authority of the big wholesalers do agents that they can teach themselves can earn money promotion methods. Actually otherwise. First of all, they are very busy, really busy, do not lack of business; ask a lot of trouble, you will not be able to guide you on your luck. Secondly, they are the authority and credibility of the manufacturers authorized, can not sell strange. Their promotion

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