VANCL announced yesterday, in the form of cash plus stock acquisition of a wholly-owned vertical electricity supplier brand first, then the beginning of the team will be incorporated into the customer, and the beginning of the valuation of RMB ten million level. This is the last year, Suning announced the acquisition of red children, and another case of vertical electricity supplier website was acquired.

was founded by Xu Xiaohui at the beginning of the line for more than two years, mainly for the Chinese urban youth slow fashion brand, annual sales of 10 million yuan level. Xu Xiaohui in 2009 to 2010, served as guest assistant president, once the whole operation where the spokesperson Han Han, Wang Luodan is responsible for the project, advertising creative production and promotion work.

, the reporter found that the current Eslite has appeared on "first @VANCL" brand products. In fact, as early as the beginning of last week, the official website announced the suspension of orders and shipments.

where the founder and CEO of old said the first moment will become the first sub brand customers, while continuing to make by the beginning of the operation and management team. In 2013 we will seek more brand acquisition.

Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Xi Dawei

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