everyone! Today we say is an interesting topic, is about the electronic commerce operation, ranking the elves there are a lot of people believe that there are many commodities in this realistic society, but the market is not very wide, heard that the Internet platform can be extended to a head in, finally they are regret, because this place is not everyone to make money, some losses in a complete mess.

want to play the Internet, must be familiar with the Internet, now the competition resources are quite intense, so we want to make money, others want to kill us, you say you can not difficult? E-commerce era, many small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entities are sellers have come here, in order to expand a the new road on the Internet, but our dad is not Li Gang, but with grass root or in a regional sales business can run



in order to have a better start on the Internet, first of all, we imagine where our advantages. Here is the main ranking wizard in a more comprehensive way to give you talk about the electronic commerce operation, said knowledge is not difficult, as long as you take a little look. It will have a more comprehensive understanding of.

sales of goods is very important

since it is on the Internet to do sales, then it must be in order to make long-term plans, as the saying goes, in order to do a good brand, we must first do a commodity. If you want to sales model now is above the long-term development of the Internet, then it should work in the above goods, after all, people is a relatively simple model, in this long process is the same, good things will once again buy bad things next time is will not come again. Electronic commerce is the same, you want to do in this market on a comparison of the absolute sales, you should familiarize yourself with their goods, what is good or not, if there is no competitive advantage, then do not say what to do after a brand, because even a commodity can not do well, how to create a brand? It is advertising? Ranking feel a bad fairy, even commercial advertising, consumers remember the impression you are just one aspect of the relatively poor, your sales industry is stopped in front, which means that your customer is only give you a fool.

cost profit accounting

when we are ready to sell goods on the top of the market, we must first think about their goods is at what price, if the market with competitors, so we can refer to, if not, if your goods in the end what is the price a little better, can let customers accept the price so here is the best, ranking elves again, select a customer can accept, you can make the best price. It is worth noting that

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