[Sina micro-blog listed, become more active and proactive. Yesterday, Sina ushered in the first time after the listing of the customer to upgrade the revised version: the introduction of hand travel and life review services, while fully open micro-blog payment, providing personal transactions and collection services. How will the development of other businesses, but the development of the industry, can make nothing of it, but generally optimistic about the micro-blog electricity supplier reason, author Wang Congji gave us to make a detailed exposition, in addition, Wang Congji also pointed out that although the micro-blog business is good, but is the extension of Alibaba of the electricity supplier, the future dividend still belongs to Alibaba. [



said, would have been able to toss the Sina micro-blog, after the listing can be more frustrating. Less than a quarter, Sina launched a series of electricity supplier micro-blog, from the media, games, recruitment, expert certification and so on.

of course, most of the projects are not reliable, such as Penguin said before the game. But after a lot of people to communicate with the industry, but found that they are very optimistic about micro-blog electricity supplier, and even a lot of people have started to develop micro-blog electricity supplier.

the main reason, of course, is Ali, from the means of payment to the merchant resources, Alipay and Taobao is the cornerstone of the micro-blog electricity supplier. This also means that micro-blog electricity supplier will eventually be swallowed by ali. The specific situation, it is like this:

1 Sina micro-blog electricity supplier dividends belong to ali.

called micro-blog electricity supplier, micro-blog is actually paid ancillary product opening strategy, which is the kernel of Alipay micro-blog to pay.

at the beginning of the year, sina will pay micro-blog abandoned its own new pay, and the choice of Alipay as the core. Well, do not have to guess because Ali shares.

this also leads to the electricity supplier micro-blog although the name to form a closed loop, but the play to play, in fact, on the side of Ali bonus.

2 micro-blog eventually become an extension of Taobao, Sina can get more advertising fees from ali.

not only pay the link, micro-blog sellers are also mainly rely on Taobao:

for the official micro-blog and the accumulation of a certain number of fans Taobao shop, it can turn into a direct sales channels micro-blog;

for no official micro-blog, or fans of Taobao shop, they can choose to other big V shop advertising;

as a small team behind the operation of the store’s big V, such as Sora Aoi’s teacher’s shop, is indeed independent of micro-blog. But in fact, Ali is a compromise to the social electricity supplier: with the loss of business to WeChat, it is better to leave micro-blog to do closed loop, anyway, Ali system.

from this point of view, micro-blog has actually become an extension of Taobao. As an industry source said, micro-blog electricity supplier is the essence of the mobile terminal has a good flow of Taobao off, is a new channel for Taobao to find businesses ali.


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