with the further development of the Internet, more and more enterprises network marketing charm, have been or are going to try the network marketing, with a batch of enterprise website such as coming out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but also to feed a large number of the establishment of the company. However, although many companies have established a website, suddenly found that he did not know how to marketing, or marketing can not reach the expected effect, because they are trapped in a marketing misunderstanding, misvalued ability of network marketing.

empty for you today talk station enterprises do network marketing what are the mistakes and how to correct marketing, because I was doing SEO diagnosis, is the most contact enterprise station, so have some experience, I hope everyone criticism.

problem: reluctant to invest

found that many companies are not set up a special department, network, or even for a man to optimize promotion on his shoulders, both to maintain the stability of the rankings, but also have enough traffic, but also the sales, and in addition to the staff wages, not come up with any promotion fee, which is so versatile talent? There may be, but he is either executives or is on the road of entrepreneurship. Any returns are based on a relatively rich investment.

: if you are determined to open up a new sales route in the network, the corresponding cost is unavoidable, want to pressure over the peer site, you can set up the network, let the staff to do activities, in the relevant forum to do the brand, do the corresponding flow in the QQ group, and talk about business, and some of the funds should be invested, we may not like Ali domineering, direct sum of all tickets for $about 30000000, but due to sponsorship and prizes issued or should do, large and medium-sized enterprises, have their own network department is very important.

problem two: think SEO is all

many enterprises set up their own network department, recruit the most is SEOer, which is the city of business owners can’t see where you actually built the website you can find specialized services to help you maintain the stability of the rankings can be, although the search engine will bring you a part the flow of fine precision is also not say, don’t you will be able to rely on the website search engine from the point of traffic will be able to complete the order? Don’t pursue the so-called weight, enterprise station is to flow and order.

: you can try integrated marketing to get traffic from different channels, even if such traffic may be not accurate, but the number can be remedied, and recruit SEOer money please two experienced customer service, increase the conversion rate, after all, the final sales is king. SEO is only part of the network promotion, do not need to pay so much attention to it.

problem three, full network marketing

in the hottest micro-blog, there is an enterprise to invest one million to do micro-blog marketing, the final result is not to buy a $100 fans, compared to traditional marketing >

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