recently, a About Baidu cloud payment system major BUG message crazy pass micro-blog and major news sites, the prices of all the products into the original 1/1000, only 0.1 yuan can buy the original price of 100 yuan of service members, 5 hair can be expanded to 100GB packages.

seems to be a big benefit, but, in my opinion, it is a successful event marketing.


is marketing rather than BUG


I’ve listed some evidence:

1 calm Baidu cloud employees


results from the Google news search, as early as 15 hours ago, the mainstream media coverage of this major BUG, but so far, the BUG still exists, the user can still easily buy.

a V2EX friends said he was a friend of a friend in Baidu, because once a bug caused no small loss to Baidu, lost money, criticism, a few years after his entire department I haven’t gotten a raise.

if it is really BUG, then Baidu cloud employees in such a long time no response is incredible.

2 up to only one year


Whether it is Baidu cloud

membership or capacity expansion, can only buy a maximum of one year, when once again renewed, it will appear above the alert. The netizen reflected in the first time can be renewed, but this is reflected from the other side of this is a marketing staff, Baidu cloud was repaired on BUG, but only half of the


Baidu cloud what loss

first look at the privileges of Baidu Cloud members:


can be said, in addition to the cloud printing service monthly free prints 10 photos, open membership without any loss to the Baidu cloud, and free prints a few photos, such as click fish and other network printing services on HP are offering similar services free of charge.

look at the capacity of Baidu cloud package


to tell you the truth, the separate storage service, 15GB capacity has been fully enough, Baidu cloud Dropbox interworking with ifttt, such as wordpress blog data backup to the Dropbox function as a powerful, so, as a network hard disk if use is not too big, moreover, many network >

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