new year began again, this is my four most effective promotion of the medical website in 2010, I hope to do a medical website to help friends. Please look at these four suggestions:

first, the medical website as a whole (SEO) optimization (pick out the most suitable keywords)

first points: Web site name (TITLE) with the most appropriate Guan Jian words to write, the site description (META description) to join the most appropriate word for the word, keywords (META) site of the most appropriate three words of Guan Jian.

second: the name of the optimization is usually we send the time to join us out of the most appropriate Guan Jian words, not too long nor too short, to maintain the normal search engine can display characters can be.

third points: the name of the chain of friends to optimize a lot of friends do not usually pay attention to the time of the link, the name of the link optimization can also increase your site’s Guan Jian word density. The specific approach is that we and the most appropriate Guan Jian word related, it is best to include our most appropriate word for the word Guan Jian.

two, the promotion of network media (to improve the visibility of medical websites)

network media is mainly to promote the release of the press release with a number of medical related websites news channels; it is best to search engine news channel included website. Can be promoted in these media, greatly enhance the visibility of the site. I recommend. At least 4 news releases are available every month, meaning every Monday. Do a good job of this promotion, the promotion of the site’s brand, and the flow of ascension has a very big help. The effect of media promotion, generally by looking at the site of the key words of the Baidu index has not improved, you can see the results of this work.

three, medical soft Wen promotion (deepen the impression of patients to improve the diagnosis rate)

soft Wen promotion of the highest state is that you released the soft text will be reproduced on the Internet, of course, also depends on the author’s writing level. We do not have too much medical site requirements, as long as the chain can be done, it was reproduced on the line. The purpose is to quickly increase the site of the chain, don’t forget in the end of the article with software links. We can go to the flow of large and relatively high popularity of the site to send, after looking for about 20 of these stations targeted to those places.

1, the local information website and delivery press release, the quality of the soft text to be high, or no one to reprint, the purpose of the site is to let the soft web users to reprint.

2, the local forum started we can make their own health diagnosis experience, in the article it is obvious that he is through the XXXX hospital XXXX clinic cure disease. Then this article, send to each big forum, best can register several Ma3 jia3 stick to create atmosphere behind the top.

3, search engine Q & A

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