Hello, I’m Paul Liu, Shanghai people, very glad to share my sales network and we experience today, we want to help, I do the traditional machinery industry sales (bearing), before I read college to read for more than 1 years, with no special skills and qualifications will have in a Shanghai bearing company to run the business, it probably ran for 7 years time, I on sales and products have been very familiar with, of course, including some of the enterprise sales management skills and techniques I are more skilled, and a certain customer resources in their hands and accumulation, unwilling to live this life may want to earn more money, so I decided to quit the job, when opened in 2011 March, I intend to set up their own company sales bearings, their agent of a brand to do, because I have the goods Source channel. Then I spent more than 10 thousand dollars please agency registered in the company and fix the things in the shortest time (in order to avoid me in advertising, company name and URL is not published), and then rented two office I enrolled 4 people and I own a total of 5 clerks, began to run the business, early because of funding problems can’t move too much, because I had run the business has accumulated a certain customer resources, it has continued to do some small to maintain the company’s survival, of course this is down every month in addition to the spending is to run their own business better than. This lasted for half a year.

but half a year later, the situation has changed, I recruit people walked two, the remaining two did not open, so the company has to raise them, my old customer information about profit out, facing business difficulties, I have every day out of the development of new customers, but a series of problems come out, the company not recruit proficient business, small companies are unable to retain talent, products have a competitive advantage, novice to product training, new company is very hard to believe that a series of problems slowly out of head, confused, it suddenly made me feel the company is not so easy, every day to deal with a series of the mixed things, so most of the time spent, only a small part of his time running out, not easy, so I Recruited 3 people came in, but they are not proficient, but business medium level, like this probably lasted for half a year, the company’s sales performance is not ideal, a few months before the money is basically due to the daily operations of the company, will not survive, after all, pay taxes, rent, parking, oil fees for mixed spending or intimidating, while I do not want to give up, I began to search for some sales methods and marketing ideas on the Internet, can see enough online some people to help me save the situation at this time, I learned a lot from the Internet companies to expand business to get a good result by using network and this is the so-called network marketing, I first contact, I think this is very interesting, because my degree is not high, usually the Internet less time, Is also doing the traditional industry, so the network marketing is really not really understand, the next few days I will seriously study >

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