three months ago, I suddenly had a great interest in the site. Perhaps it is because of the current state of Anhui Hefei support larger than before. My hometown is in Xuzhou. In September of last year to Hefei, feel the city of Hefei is not big, is less than that of Xuzhou. However, after all, is the provincial capital of the atmosphere. This understanding of Hefei. And the future development in Hefei, I think we should be in the network world. In Hefei for a seat to.

people say do domain name is very important, so I want to register a domain name. However, Hefei City spelling spelling no foreigners in the hands. Think not the strength to buy. I tried to see Anhui Hefei Quanpin, also let a person find contact cybersquatting. Eventually I got to hand half. A month after Anhui. Hefei Quanpin domain name.

worthy of the name belongs to me

had less than three months, a penny of advertising. Why not spend, very simple, a new station, nobody knows you. Just blindly publicity, it is difficult to retain users, people see a very common information network, the information network in Hefei too much. People do not know which one you propaganda. Do the right thing, far more important than doing things right. I always believe that the direction of positioning is the key. So my position is to raise a website at least after half a year can do publicity in the local media, to invest funds for their own station of gold only their own propaganda. To apply for some ID to register the search to the post, to update their information. The station must be updated every day, must not fall a day for two days, so that users will find this station has no value, such as information from your network Let users get benefits, now the ticket is hard to find. Snow cover is too large to some people sad. But without a ticket in your information online, find information, and buy a ticket home. I believe we will remember your site.

so that the local portal, there is still a lot of space at the moment to see if you can stick to.

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