every SEO people want to have an own good team, then let his team becomes very powerful, their dream is to put all the site of the SEO project are focused on their own team, oh, this is not realistic, but you want to have a complete and regular team, must include the following:

1, SEO manager of -SEO’s core characters, now also has SEO director, according to the company. SEO manager is responsible for the overall planning and management of SEO. Specifically include the following: the development of SEO goals, SEO overall strategic planning, SEO external links and content building strategies. Coordinate and communicate, including communication with other departments, including the SEO department’s internal tasks and plans. Analysis of competitors, mining high conversion keywords. Website architecture design (or product manager). The development of a set of web standards, including HTML code, URL specification, editing norms, the chain code, etc.. Provide training and guidance to people in SEO department to help others to understand the basic knowledge of SEO. The SEO manager usually requires higher level of knowledge is quite rich, there are a lot of big projects experience, not only the understanding of SEO technology, website construction, HTML code and so on, at the same time, as a project manager must have good communication skills, management skills and communication, and his colleagues frequently, keep a upward attitude. The SEO manager should have greater rights, because if the company pays attention to SEO, then carry out the work of the SEO is relatively easy, if the SEO position is relatively low, the optimization recommendations cannot mobilize the people in other departments, so it is difficult to implement the plan. Therefore, the SEO manager and even SEO director should be more than the right person.

2, page optimization Specialist (SEO) as a page optimization commissioner is responsible for the title of the page changes, the main content of the keyword distribution, add and modify the label and adjust the internal links. So SEO Commissioner must know more SEO knowledge to do the site’s title, internal links, etc..

3, content editing, editing is mainly based on the edit specification to write and keyword content of the article, mainly pseudo original and original. The writing of the title and the abstract of the article must be written with skill. The main job is to edit the contents of the site, only the content is good enough to seize the user.

4, link construction personnel (outside the chain Commissioner) responsible for the site’s link exchange. The content of each blog platform and link building. Forum signature. Reasonable use of bookmarks, quiz, favorites.

5, technology and design staff, according to the website structure designed by SEO manager, to adjust the internal structure of the website, classification, URL standardization and steering. The regular company is the SEO manager mentioned the need to communicate with the product manager, after the product department schedule >

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