you are still many web site navigation, bookmarking, collection on the delay a lot of time to log on to their website, expect to bring the number of traffic and IP, that price is not high, is now in the open era, maybe you can try other more useful methods to promote the website. Following our own experience, we recommend a few methods.

a, micro-blog class:


, a key forward collection tool most people are in use, but the results are considered very good is not easy, because it only provides data to micro-blog, micro-blog users have tried to comment on micro-blog information automatically posted to their website, a real increase in their own website the popularity of it.


this is a forum plugin, micro-blog comments automatically displayed on their web site, do not need to come to our website, but also to create content for us. Tens of millions of users on micro-blog, can be regarded as our users! If you use this feature on the site, blog, will not let popularity, traffic are increasing it?

two, application class:

if you are careful, you will find a lot of sites have already opened a number of ports or called API for the majority of developers and webmasters to use, the following example:

1.QQ Wallet:

have you noticed this window QQ wallet? Is a purse button on the QQ open, this is an open platform application, you can develop your own settled inside, as long as the use of caifutong as a payment tool.


last year, we have developed an application up, traffic is very impressive. Below:


2 local merchant information:

this is Google, as shown in:


do not have to promote the promotion of free, free to join the local merchant information, ranking easy to enter the home page or even the first. Local businesses to join the tutorial, you can see my previous article or online search, this is a relatively early start, the operation is relatively simple.

Baidu recently also more emphasis on local information, I believe there will be similar recommendations for local businesses.

3 open platform

this presumably we already know, Baidu things, users use more, mainly your website has a certain value, you can join the open platform.


first introduced so much, it’s more of us to study the

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