want fun for promotion game is not easy, as the saying goes, "often in the river walk, which can not wet shoes", for promotion itself is to play the money game, good game will remain immortal, play will rot down, ha ha, of course I said too exaggerated, but the play really need to have competitive price promotion some ideas, if not just want to test the water, then I think you still do not wet shoes. So Wang Chunren is here to give those who want to do some suggestions and ideas for the promotion of the game, I hope you can find some direction and goals in the promotion of the above.

The first step of

, in – competitor analysis

competitive analysis, a want to have development, but also a promising future, he must know how to analyze. From their own point of view, if you can very good analysis of competitors and their own advantages and disadvantages, you will know what is the first task, what is the direction. Do not fight unprepared for war, in the law of the jungle society, do not take the initiative to observe, do not take the initiative to learn, do not take the initiative to analysis, not the slow need to start early. means backward, backward is what is behind? Beaten! Careful! To analyze your competitors, then mainly analyzes what? Analysis of rivals to promote the keywords. Mainly what keyword, keyword is what you do not think?! look at the landing page, they see what is pushing the landing page, post or topic or home? What are the advantages? Look at the creative, creative advantage where they learn advantage, get rid of inadequate. Look at their promotion time, if it is put in 24 hours a day, then it is impossible for all the time is the key period, because he did not have so much budget. So, people are not perfect, also be used in analysis of competitors, subdivision observation, patience, will always find some loopholes. (this paper originates from the king Chunren hospital network marketing blog: http://s.www.wangchunren.com/ Wang Chunren SEM learning group number: 91175827)

second step, for the needs of the long tail theory – keyword selection

1, from personal experience, there are many sites of the auction, there may be a leader or a part of the enterprise website promotion sales staff, because their professional knowledge is very rich, but only from their own account to choose some of their thought good words, without taking into account the target customers really use these words search.

2, pay attention to the long tail word: we put in the advertising campaign keywords when starting from the target customer search habits, choose those more accurate keywords. Although these keywords search volume is not so big, but there are several benefits:

A. conversion rate is high, the search will be the basic customer is willing to buy customers;

B., the price is cheap, because the more accurate and popular, these keywords often the price is cheaper, lower bid will be able to go to the front row.


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