n the face of brush and fake Taobao said it was helpless that law enforcement department

yesterday 3· 15 party, Taobao was accused of the existence of scalping problem, as long as the payment to brush off a thousand dollars Commission, can be upgraded to blue diamond in three days, with a good article of more than and 200. After the evening, Taobao PR are given the same night response:

social governance combat brush single!

1, thanks to the CCTV exposure of the Internet brush single grey black industry, let more people understand and resist this cancer.

2, although Taobao has been in a high pressure situation against scalping, technology upgrading, but the hand brush through the QQ group, QT group, WeChat group, empty voice packet network and YY voice chat room, and the huge hidden black express complete brush single chain, using the platform no enforcement power is helpless, like a stout the leech tightly adsorbed on the e-commerce platform and network world. read more

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The 350 million copycat occupation ceremony the Tencent Jingdong why pull hungry occupation

hungry and double Yi Ruo financing. This is a $350 million E round.

due to the real amount of financing a few days ahead of time was exploded, leading to the mystery of the whole conference discount. In addition, before the amount of financing is rumored to be $1 billion, but a lot of people of this obviously unscientific digital media face some 350 million for gospel truth, so this is not a small number is not too aggressive. But take a good look at this conference passed a signal, or you can see a lot of interesting things. read more

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Personal practical experience easy to achieve a monthly income thousand yuan

the Internet, tens of millions of small owners, every day in this way update your web site and buy a domain name, buy space, for the record, the original, pseudo original, website optimization, website ranking, SEO and so on related websites to work hard and happy. Why? Because they firmly believe that the use of their own efforts and wisdom must be able to use their own website to achieve their own prices.

to A5 friends is webmaster friends, we all know that the Internet is part of webmaster to dig gold, but also made a lot of money, but only a small number of people, these few people are quietly without money, never share their experience of money (often on the public network the money experience is out of date). In fact, most of the webmaster friends really do is not to make money. Therefore, a lot of webmaster, are on the net silently learning how to quickly improve the site rankings, what kind of website can be a quick profit?. read more

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The business school dating Chen Hezhong Minnie spit dry cargo business

"lunch" and business mentor fifth "Chen Hezhong Minnie" concert to be held at

in May 29th, by the Shanghai Business School (ShopEx) jointly organized and commercial value "and" business mentor lunch fifth station to Hangzhou, visit the Taobao high-end handbags leader – Imini (millet wrap shop). Imini is a typical model of the Amoy brand, Taobao, Taobao began to grow in, to today’s Tmall original, Imini has all the success of the Amoy brand due element, 2012 Ali was named "the world’s ten largest net goods brand", the price is way ahead of the other original brand handbags, every year at a speed of 200%-300% on the run……. Minnie dialogue manipulator, electric business called "rice", general manager Chen Hezhong, this is also our long-awaited feast. Before the feast, or the old rules, first as we prepare some Chen Hezhong business to readers who dry cargo. read more

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B2C platform for the king to analyze the basis of the success of the AMZN platform

boom a loud noise, music cool day holding Pipa debut, China’s electricity business is about to stage the U.S. armed attack on the Gulf of pigs in cuba. On the first day of the line, a web page brush is not complete, wait 10 seconds, the UI/UE does not conform to the Chinese habits, website function also many mistakes, is a look at the rush line, and the businessman also didn’t see what highlights, and obviously not ready. After half a month, but also pay attention to, the more joyful: website traffic daily PV (most of them are tens of thousands of industry professionals, see) a Amoy brand of big businesses almost no orders, open the website home page is so slow, do not see any promotion action, basically no big businesses, reminds me of Dangdang shop and these businesses may be difficult to support a platform for rapid rise, especially with a mature platform than. Because of the need of work this year and a half, I want to see the platform model, through the cool days on the line, the domestic and foreign mainstream B2B2C platform mode of several, and successfully form analytical B2B2C platform king AMAZON. read more

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Love mail network hand Lazada platform to help manage the third party service


] February 18th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed before the love mail network and Lazada to establish relations of cooperation, the former will provide third party distribution management services to Lazada.

According to

billion state power network to understand, now, Lazada sellers can directly choose products added to the distribution management service and delivery to the love bmail warehouse in Shenzhen. Love mail network will provide warehousing, order management, packaging and distribution services for lazada sellers. read more

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Double 11 electricity supplier courier industry love hate intertwined profit thin cost surge

from yesterday morning to today (November 12th) at 8 o’clock in the morning has exceeded the votes of the 4 million 200 thousand, which is almost twice the amount of delivery than usual." Vice president of the group in the courier express to reporters yesterday. Although the volume of singles promotion brings a surge of preparation, but the actual situation is more than he is unpopular.

Before the arrival of

day, in the amount of pass the parcel courier delivered every day at about 2 million 300 thousand, the company is expected to "peak delivery, double 11" business promotion brings, will reach 4 million. read more

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The crux of Taobao explosion culture

lead: Taobao’s "explosion of culture" to make it will be mogujie.com, so beautiful to say the company’s impact.

oral | Yanzhu | Lynn

Qu Li finishing

Taobao so many years of development determines its explosive culture". You will find the highest sales on Taobao is only a few, and how the search is so few, and will continue to repeat.

explosion culture how to form

alleged burst, and Taobao’s operating structure and search strategy. Taobao has a huge square, the search results of any product has its own set of orders, so the first two or three pages of search results become very important. read more

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Cross border electricity supplier into the atmosphere of the economic model of the industry reshuffl

from the surface, cross-border electricity supplier can be understood as cross-border trade, and e-commerce". Over the past ten years, foreign trade momentum strong, once forced new e-commerce model and become the mainstream. With the development of the Internet and the development of information technology, the controllability of security payment, e-commerce mushroomed, and become the mainstream business model.

tracing the development of e-commerce

e-commerce market was initially monopolized by young people, with the gradual maturity of Internet technology, cut into all walks of life, consumer groups from the original popularity of young people to all ages. In the transaction object, not only for ordinary consumers, but also for corporate. Thus, the concept of B2B and B2C was proposed by the industry. Although cross-border trade and e-commerce in the vast number of consumers do not seem strange, but the two link up in the industry, but only a handful of electricity providers who dabbled in it. read more

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