Hangzhou draw new blueprint for innovation and Entrepreneurship

is located in the southern waters of Hangzhou bred many well-known business masters. Zhejiang hometown in the new era and the birth of a number of new industry leading entrepreneurs. Hangzhou’s entrepreneurial environment to create a lot of innovation passenger heart, so that entrepreneurs who love the vitality of the city.

in the applause and blessing, 12, Beida pharmaceutical chairman Ding Lieming received 15 million yuan reward check from Hangzhou Yuhang party secretary Xu Wenguang.

Beida pharmaceutical started in Yuhang, and in Yuhang, the harvest is also in Yuhang. In the last week of the national science and Technology Awards Conference, anticancer drug project "the independent research and development of icotinib" won the first prize of national science and technology progress, has become Chinese Beida pharmaceutical chemical pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang province and the business enterprise won the award for the first time. read more

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China’s top ten women’s shoes brand rankings

talk about women’s shoes, the brand on the market, but countless, but the times are changing, the entire women’s shoes market has also ushered in a considerable change. In addition to the very high visibility of the traditional women’s shoes brand, naturally there are some cutting-edge brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to China’s top ten women’s shoes brand rankings.

The rise of

a fashion brand, mainly its brand spirit, the whole spirit of the times and the real needs of consumers, the three are very important, only do these three points, in order to achieve the brand invincible in a period. Looking back on 2015, which cutting-edge fashion women’s shoes brand attracted the attention of the industry, followed by a small series together to look at: read more

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Breakfast shop to choose the local business

for the office workers now, there is no time to do breakfast, so breakfast is generally on the road to solve the breakfast shop business is also very prosperous, unlimited potential, many people want to enter this line. Breakfast shop location is the most critical. Breakfast shop location rules, generally need to follow the following 5 site rules, so breakfast shop business is generally not bad.

1, traffic points

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Small meat fried chicken good investment projects good business

entrepreneurial choice to join the ranks of food, is a very good choice. How small meat fried chicken? Good quality projects, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. If you to join a small meat fried chicken, is also very interested in. So, don’t hesitate, go ahead!

fire fried chicken to get a get out of hand, set off a new upsurge in the catering industry, small meat fried chicken talent shows itself in many brands, with fresh taste, quality service and preferential conditions to join, so in the country has a fixed consumer audience. Small meat fried chicken in the food industry also obtained the affirmation of the market, if you still do not know the brand, it would quickly follow Xiaobian look at read more

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Hanston joined the good water purifier brand trusted

in the market, water purifier sales, has been very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Hansi Dun purifier, undoubtedly, is very business is not the choice? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

Hansi Dun purifier for many years and always adhere to the product innovation as the core idea, to Chinese domestic water quality as the research basis, successy developed the application of water purification, multiplex, dual core technology field of net purification process and structure technology, and first proposed the concept of intelligent water purification, and solves the user during use of the filter effect and customer service service concerns in some extent, users of water purification equipment has been updated knowledge. read more

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Baotou rare earth high tech Zone resource development into innovation development

no unique resources in the region hope to seek opportunities for development through innovation and entrepreneurship, the resources of the region also hope to be able to open up new innovative technologies to improve resource development and utilization, to achieve further development. Baotou rare earth hi tech Zone to encourage the development of sophisticated technology, from resource-based cities into a scientific and technological innovation city.

2015, Baotou high tech Zone to build the "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship service base, relying on 24 experts and 4 experts team, build Chinese Productivity Institute Baotou branch, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Baotou training base, Baotou enterprise university nine innovative service platform, plans to introduce third party intermediary services 80, give full play to the Internet + "service, training, third party services and promote the release of the four functions of multimedia display, tailored for entrepreneurs learning, training, consulting and other innovative services, forming a new" technology service ". read more

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