Zhenzhong Master of the new sites in the chain of skills experience summary

recently made two new websites,


website (the home appliance industry competition is intense, the diabetes health network, the new station), in order to increase the pr (weight), increase included, increase the back chain! Actually the objective is to increase the return chain! After a period of struggle, summed up some experience! Some people say that the exchange links very tired very vexed, actually myself frightened! For the link is really easy! If you haven’t started, then hurry up! The read more

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Micro blog operation and WeChat operation 50 experience

some ideas about WeChat’s operations and micro-blog’s operations (don’t like it)

1, most enterprises have been "a false proposition to harm the enterprise from the media. These companies forget the nature of social products, and the rush to become what they call "self media" has turned their content into a self deception spree. Whatever it is, throw it on the social network and don’t check whether consumers are really interested in their leaders’ visit to South africa. read more

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Short video operation in the important data indicators video index

data operates just like we do with short videos. The video records each frame by camera, and the data can help us record each viewer’s actions and feedback. It’s very important for us to create short video and operate short video.

data analysis is a routine in our day-to-day operations. What are the important indicators of short video in data operations?

We provide a special

on the platform of data analyses and summary, summarizes 8 important indicators of short video operation and 67 sub indexes, and summarize the "video index" and "IP index" two categories. This article focuses on video metrics". read more

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Wedding photography shop how to enter the network marketing

with the rapid development of the Internet, the service industry has gradually entered the local network, the greater demand for network marketing and network promotion and reasons Xiaobian today to write this article is to see a small shop in the photography network promotion, lead to the marketing method of wedding photography shop under analysis how to enter the Internet marketing share, wedding photography shop, get more traffic through the network marketing.

location analysis user group

, no matter what the industry’s business, before entering the network marketing, the industry needs to be analyzed, you need to analyze their own target groups. Wedding photography is more for young user groups, this group of users more sensitive to the Internet, so at least through the SEO optimization method to improve the ranking of the main keywords. Between photography and regional, regional key words can be more close to target groups. For example, Beijing wedding photography website main keywords "Beijing wedding photography" Baidu index 394, competitiveness is quite large, for the new station to a one-time make up this keyword, the difficulty is relatively higher, the early time can do can be keywords such as "Xidan wedding photography" etc.. First of all, through a small range of related keywords to improve the rankings, access to the corresponding search engine traffic, and then to achieve the effect of network marketing. read more

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Summary of the mistakes easily made by ten novice webmasters


first made his own website, he made a lot of mistakes that he did not seem to have made with a newborn calf, not afraid of the tiger’s enthusiasm. Therefore, he took many detours, and now it is a pity to come. When you have nothing to do, summed up the mistakes made by yourself, coupled with the experience of standing in the past few years, summed up the ten major mistakes, hoping to give novice friends a reference role, less detours, more harvest.

1, excessive acquisition, lack of innovation read more

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Web site every day included but the total collection does not increase the reason

I have a website that is updated daily articles, page snapshot is updated every day, also published articles, also can reach the second (see below), but the site index and the total amount collected has been hovering around 5700, as this issue I search in the webmaster website to find the answer, is now summarized as follows:

1, the weight is not enough: Although this website can reach the second article, but this only shows that the search engine has to crawl these pages, but did not increase the total amount collected is probably because the search engines have yet to be released from these pages, simply means that although these articles included, but also in the search the engine needs, over a period of time to put out these pages. And this period of time may be the big update of the search engine. read more

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Discussion on operation skills of local food network

due to the gradual improvement of people’s living standard, people pay attention to material life at the same time, are also increasingly concerned about healthy eating habits, to stay at home, you can learn a variety of local delicacy but also at home, you can enjoy the home delivery service, so the local delicacy network more and more webmaster’s favor. How to have a unique operation and profit mode from many places in talent shows itself is every webmaster needs to solve the problem? The following Fanfan will sum up how to run the network of local delicacy. read more

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From the vertical website where is the road Where is the way to see the vertical web site

The car

article "CEO Qin cause: vertical sites where", read after deep insights, vertical sites in a large base, although not good, but still there are so many users in a variety of industries, now, some of the large vertical sites true to life, as the Asahi generally sunny, and these vertical sites through continuous development also have their own noble temperament, this article, from the car home, talk about where several factors, as we started thinking and ideas.

first, covering a larger proportion of industry users, and higher user viscosity. read more

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How to make Baidu like you

1. insists on updating the content of the website every day. If it is a forum, it will increase about 10 articles every day. Article

2. adhere to the original, not to copy other content on the website (Baidu spiders don’t love the old things), if you can’t write the original article, then write some "pseudo original" articles, later copied articles on other websites, then modify their own headlines, the first sentence, replace some order, delete some content

3. have the opportunity to go to find some excellent outside the chain, enhance their PR value and so on read more

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A5 mission area stationmaster the starting point of the road

go on this road station is entirely because of love on the network to make money, I am a freshman, is now a second semester meeting ( http://s.admin5.com) from last year’s nightmare stories about.


is the university to know, who had to own together in high school classroom to steal sleep, together with their wall Internet, real friends in this life are those talents together with their impact on the basketball court passion (at least I understand it), so when the winter vacation last year, with the deep understanding. In the group of friends hugged together, like I do not have any income, all the expenses of all from the parents, when at the end of the holiday period, careful calculations, not do not know, only a holiday spent nearly $two thousand, is in deep remorse, scold yourself but do not make money squandering their parents money, so they set a goal for himself, the new semester to find a part-time job to support yourself, while studying, at least not to home to the cost of living, I think this idea almost every College students have, read more

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