Web site keywords are reflection and summary of K

3, spontaneous and editing behavior of each other, at the mention of a concept, that your page is best, the most authoritative, link to your page.

1. Links all only for a term of Links.

The anchor text link

3. single chain, the chain site is recently released in the Links platform, and also is this a keyword anchor.

I guess love sea K my words because my anchor text is too simple, the construction of the chain is too single, so the work process in the future to a wide range of. Key words do not a single, the construction of the chain more widely. I am a novice, it is not clear that whether my words are one cause of K, welcome to give me this new course, some guiding opinions. read more

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Tourism e commerce website how to find high quality chain


2, local information platform

Chinese people love to travel, which can be seen in reports of tourism economy in many countries, Chinese accounted far can be ranked in the forefront. Now, the store’s sales, is no longer a single way of tourism and travel, sales on the Internet, is more common, and more directly facing the potential customers, after all, the stores in large supermarkets or is the building next to, can not require those who go to the supermarket to buy food is every day people who work in leisure time, tourism consulting to matters, but on the Internet, targeted work every day to computer, and now have the economic ability of personnel, relatively speaking, can use the computer to find the content of tourism is also increasing, therefore, tourism e-commerce is becoming the "pie" more people are rushing to. read more

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Don’t forget to put the baby 1 button or noble search traffic will drop you

in the article, the reporter asked the noble Forbes Jashmir baby team: "the new system will be recommended as a factor affecting the whole search system or it is only effective to noble baby + friends?" answer: "the whole."

we don’t know why this article is Forbes removed, is Forbes himself removed or noble baby out of the said requirements, whether noble baby +1 button is not final placed in the page will affect the search ranking argument, but certainly is the nobility of the team considered aristocratic baby baby +1 button and search ranking is linked to the future of search will be affected by social factors. read more

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From the layout of the site optimization method HTML

Shanghai dragon is a science, something that involves is very extensive, a lot of friends when doing the Shanghai dragon often focus on external things, such as external links, or advertising, and ignore their website internal things, today I will talk about some of the things HTML layout and I hope to help you, also welcome to discuss.

write HTML structure

many friends love to insert a IMG tag as the site of the LOGO, people feel a bit chaotic for resources, why? Because now the search engine ALT attribute of the IMG tag has been almost ignored. There is a search engine on a site before the HTML part is very important, here I give an example to teach you how to use your LOGO, we open the website of Sohu to check his source files, found its LOGO IMG tag is not inserted into the picture, but this definition: read more

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Judge a website of Shanghai Longfeng do good and bad

, 2 yard (page layout)

6, your guests (


I suggest the navigation is generally based on the text, and links to the best is the absolute link, of course you see is not beautiful, for pictures and text can also be in the picture inside the alt.

network company layout generally use CSS+DIV layout, a few companies are still using the nested table to complete. Css+div good, simple, nothing complicated and nested table feel, the page is very complex. Here as your door to each room of the channel, the guests have to know your home, he will pass you a good channel (here refers to page layout), then arrived at the place where you want to go to him, if your layout is a mess, he is also quite relatively go up. read more

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New website how to do in a day is included

keyword must learn the layout, it does not exceed 30% in the hyperlink page layout, page layout for the other should also be appropriate, so that it can improve the overall site, some pages instead of spiders in the grab, and some spiders cannot enter the page.

: when I suggest the new website best on Thursday to Monday, at this time it will be faster on the line. The easiest way is to build the line outside the chain, can release some articles in the A5 forum, Chinaz forum, with a hyperlink in the article, this love Shanghai spiders will crawl your site, if your site is done in front of the two and the host code. read more

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360 search online user reviews website promotion 1st Anniversary

360 website comments submitted address: htt>

How to submit comments on the website

my search is the user’s own search, we can decide our love or do not love the site, and the good and bad is a relatively simple tomato to represent, is mainly divided into three types, one is the user more love, in the search results is relatively high-quality website said with a red tomato; the second is in the search results still passable, users of the evaluation is basically in the middle position, so here the yellow tomato said, the last one is we don’t want to get the most, is the green tomato, this means there are many people who do not love this website, also said the user experience is relatively poor, will be in the search results to carry out appropriate treatment. read more

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After the website embarrassment Baidu why is your website contains links

in handling company website optimization operators, we modify the optimization for a long time or simple maintenance and symbolic of the old site, but in the past a long time after the site effect does not appear, visitors Advisory quantity and site visits or not gone up, even in a period of time almost no results at all, this is not only bad boss, also let us struggle in the front-line employees big pressure

: before the revision of the company’s more than 40 base stations are used to promote products and services enterprises to build the WordPress website blog site, is basically a set of program structure, front template style is not beautiful, are still unable to modify the place, column TDK cannot modify and add the embarrassment, repeat included website URL links. At the same time, on the site of the program background above, the website login account is a very difficult thing, in response to a landing site background almost to take several minutes for the website backstage program, for this type of website, believe that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er, will not live in the heart or mouth burst exit the grass mud horse, exactly who is doing a background landing site program, have no access to the front end of the modified optimization are not ready, this is the site optimization which God do read more

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Four points away from the railway station right down

: please pay attention to the first station optimization

When the content of

third: the chain should pay attention to update

web site in the station optimization and stood outside optimization should have equal status, to do well in the station optimization, and then is standing outside the optimization, whether it is the content of the update, or do the chain, and so on, there are many places need to pay attention, pay attention to.

website to grow up, the chain of.

The new When

but when we build a website, want to let the site quickly have ranked, these are the very purpose, always want to let the website profit, but when we try to send the chain, then finally went up, but soon went down again, you should reconsider the website that this time, may give the wrong operation method is to the railway station, then a website or four points up yourself. read more

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Alliance advertising PK precision marketing what are the differencesDiscussion on new venture Yikusi

Hello, I was seven, today is the first submission station network, I also is the business in a boat in the sea ~ may currently landing, but also saw the Coast ~ I want to write an article on the new venture article, really want to share with you a business process, I may. A lot of friends now have a good income, but also do the site at the same time, full of sound and colour, there are a lot of friends are still some problems for early acute do not know how to do. His writing is not good, some of the vernacular to write, I hope to bring some help to the new friends. read more

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