The small and medium sized enterprise network marketing effect is not obvious

now many enterprises do not understand do not understand network marketing, website optimization, website promotion for a week, some two days and asked how the promotion has no effect. The author is to have this kind of situation, unlike the traditional network marketing salesman came so fast, the network marketing needs a process, but the effect is long-term, stable. This is the characteristic of network marketing, the effect is slow, but the effect is stable, and lasted for a long time, so enterprises need to change the concept of. read more

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Love the sea will introduce the whole network query tool chain

, a win over the webmaster group, get more traffic. Love Shanghai for the so-called user experience while constantly adjusting algorithm, K station again and again, while constantly launched their own tools, please a webmaster, this seemingly contradictory, in fact, is the reaction of a strategy of love Shanghai grassroots webmaster use: stick + radish, stick fiercely hit of the radish gentleness, cause this strategy results.

some time ago love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the chain query! Love the chain currently Shanghai Webmaster Platform in the query, the chain can only check their websites; soon, Shanghai will love online, the whole network chain query tool, the webmaster is good or bad? Love the whole network of Shanghai chain query whether it will become the best channel competitor analysis of the chain? Just some time ago, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon asked communities to participate in discussions on such topics in search, feel very good, and today we share a read more

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How to love Shanghai image search engine continued free drainage

if the industry is very competitive, so the advertising costs will be high, but also easy to competitors to spoof, long time continuous drainage.

image search engine is love Shanghai love Shanghai although not directly identify the picture, but you can identify words, as long as the upload pictures written on the ALT label (the content of image attributes, attribute is inside the engine, then the expression) you know this picture is what meaning, included it in large database when the ALT content, before people search your love, Shanghai will show out to search. read more

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Love Shanghai give you drop right to see its anti chain will know


I do classification of logistics station, traffic has been not good, because I don’t have time. Two days before the 2 static link changes prompted by a sudden impulse, navigation on the dynamic link, because the two link if it is static call on its page of the city information will not change with the transformation of different city, of course, this is to allow more information to consider that the spider crawling. Did not expect second days after, love Shanghai immediately right down. Check the statistics to know, after bring traffic accounted for less than sogou. read more

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Quickly improve the five skills of the weights of the website and the matters needing attention

note: the quality requirements are relatively high, to the original! One day only three articles. Also should pay attention to the format, content should be clear, clear, clear theme.

three.A5 stationmaster net contributor

four Links exchange

bridge! picture!

skills: large soft forum post replies, signature link address, this is the chain of common methods, the aim is to improve the weights through the large forum search engine trust for their site and attract spider crawling to your site to do a read more

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As a Shanghai dragon Er what is the biggest bottleneck currently you meet

a person with good logical thinking ability, but do not necessarily have good language skills, often engaged in the occupation of Shanghai dragon to a certain stage, you will find the communication and coordination between the various functions occupy a large part of your work time proportion, while working in particular pose data about facts, reason in order to survive, but not all things can let you take a picture or chart data comparison of legend, this time trying to convince your boss or investor, should have strong interpersonal and communication skills will take effect. As a mentor Xiao Bian was a lecturer, but also the development of many years, have their own practices in the coordination of almost within the company, so go out and open yourself, share with their peers, exercise their communication skills with strangers is very necessary in the course of time, it can achieve stability without chaos, such a thing is arranged in good order, technical ability and communication skills of the people do not lead, as well as justice? In short, don’t excuse his eloquence as no obstacle, make clear their own shortcomings, it is necessary to overcome the bottleneck, never to those who just want to dare to try to set the. read more

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Shanghai love no weight but there are Baidu intimacy

recently, "in 5 years of commitment to let love Shanghai more open" as the theme of love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform 5th anniversary party online activities kicked off, another big wave hit welfare.


and webmaster exchange, often asked "where to check love Shanghai PageRank" "Shanghai is how to calculate the weight of love" and so on questions. This platform you once again: love Shanghai, love Shanghai PageRank weight there is no

test your love and intimacy " read more

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Don’t write original articles means ranking

in the chain is love Shanghai has hit, now the webmaster more or less foreign chain construction have a new understanding. Slowly I have now found a lot of stationmaster net share articles are talking about user experience in the construction of the original content, and some techniques on the optimization of Shanghai dragon slowly fade.

I think this phenomenon is quite good, I know you, sometimes in order to do a so-called chain, our webmaster in the Internet really "contribution" too much useless information. Especially for webmaster forum websites and local forums is very great. I believe everyone everywhere is a primary content is to do outside the chain of the post, the chain so much? In an article on the "Shanghai love to tell you some common but the chain" can’t do this in fact love Shanghai also gave us the answer, this way is called false promotion is really recommended, love Shanghai believes that the low quality of the chain, the chain effect that almost negligible. read more

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Small and medium sized enterprises must use low cost marketing Shanghai Dragon

three exquisite strategy, sincere and effective communication. "

improve the precision, expand the breadth, seenwider combined with


if the enterprises rely on even rely on the Shanghai dragon propaganda, then to take a firm step by step principle, remember not to eat a fat, but also need a great determination and courage spirit, especially small and medium-sized enterprises settled in the Internet, there is this kind of consciousness, because the nature of the network marketing platform and after all change. Not Overgeneralization to use a common marketing strategy, but can work well, for small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is need to do a good job, especially to achieve accurate positioning and delivery, which requires the enterprise team for more accurate data analysis, followed by Shanghai and phoenix or do products, one is to do fine, do a superficial Shanghai Longfeng optimization can not do things carelessly, but deep into its essence, deep into the corporate culture In depth to the user’s heart to do so will Shanghai dragon is more precise, for the enterprise is of great benefit to individuals are, so that small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, need to do is step by step, great determination and courage, doing fine spirit, the Shanghai dragon is the best. read more

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Ten Shanghai dragon easily overlooked detail

2, there is no page according to the demand with different compression format, can be used instead of the local color with no color instead of CSS, and JS file is compressed, the code is cumbersome

all of the above as the Shanghai dragon Er can immediately go to realize and optimize the place, you only need to spend some time and energy


third: add to the picture of "title" and "ALT" attribute

site navigation bar set is not flattered, when the user needs to take the time to look hard to find the column address or find the right address column guide, your design is undoubtedly very failure! Many web designers love in the navigation bar design, with beauty and their preferences for leading you navigation bar is designed for users, concise, clear navigation can help you achieve a higher click rate column. read more

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