Novice webmaster knowledge Shanghai dragon tools using

many webmaster to do stand, by means of PR hijacking hijacking other website PR value, only need to use 301 steering can be easily disguised as a high PR site, in fact this is not true PR, will automatically disappear in a period of time, in order to exchange in Links we not to be deceived, we try to use the PR value of true toolsinquiries query. If is hijacked PR immediately will show.

Links is the most easy to gain weight, but also a great risk, because it is very vulnerable to other sites and bring down the right connection right down, so we are very careful about Links, must query every day. read more

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How will the Shanghai dragon website optimization and integration

Combination of Shanghai dragon

website three Dabao: domain name, host, program, in fact, many of my friends are aware of website Sambo, domain name registration and the theme of the site keywords organic contact and domain name registrar must be registered brand strength, so as to ensure the stable ownership of the domain name and domain name analytic website; host selection must be stable and reliable but also to maintain the loading rate is high, so the host will not drag for the web site. The choice of procedure must choose small holes, easy to open source program, and the program for choosing the best search engines still have to comply with the principles, such as in the selection process when we try to choose to use fewer but applicable procedures, procedures for the use of search engines also catch the excessive number of tired, not to produce a higher website the degree of concern. read more

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