Entrepreneurs should be aware of the public to raise a few points to note

lead: even if you are not going to raise the public, you should also start to raise public understanding of the industry. Raise the public is the main way of financing in the future, all founders should be aware of it.

on the public to raise entrepreneurs should know a few notes

now we browse the Internet every day, we will see new companies in the public to raise the site to complete the financing objectives. In so many successful experiences under the stimulus, many entrepreneurs are beginning to think that Kickstarter raise public website can help them more easily get valuable funds, as long as there is a good idea, you can all the chips on the site to start a business trip. But the reality is that the public financing this way is not as simple as you think. You see a lot of entrepreneurs in the public to raise funds to get on the site at the same time, in fact, there are more companies did not successfully complete the financing objectives, but the media does not report these companies. read more

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Do Wangzhuan give up lost the opportunity to become a millionaire

network, referred to as English Wangzhuan, make-money-online. By means of the Internet means to earn the cash in reality. Most of the people on the concept of the impression is very ideal: the little mouse, play games, hanging QQ, gold and silver will Everfount in, even when going to bed, open the computer will automatically make money for you…… Very idealized.

because of this ideal, which most people take a skeptical attitude to this thing: the sky will not fall, if there is a way to make money, then everyone who went to work nine to five, to do business, and even hard dry read more

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Make your website and forum easy to increase the amount of traffic

Use the fastest time to make your site and forum easy to increase the amount of traffic

method to increase the amount of access forum:

1. Not too many columns.

have dozens of registered members of the forum, there are two columns, thirty…

in the forum registered members is less than 500, preferably only 3-5 columns, each registered more than 500 people when you can add a column. This is easier to gather popularity. Think about it, users see the post in the column is very few, very few people, cold, people will go to you there?. Column less or more management development. read more

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Conversion thinking single page Taobao customers still promising

single page why so hot?

single page Taobao customer unpopular situation has passed, why so many Internet marketers with single page Taobao off in the heat, a large part of the reason is that they need to find such a product (single page simple) to let the Japanese into million slogans become easy to implementation and promotion. Easy + happy to make money? Do you believe it?

we usually see the guest single page at Taobao tutorial SEO traffic source, through the black hat SEO, such as the sale of Links, black chain, chain wheel and so on, get keywords flow short, or the chain resources through a large number of honest toil, access to several key words flow. We see a single page keywords some teacher training of the ranking is very good, this is their conversation. However, there are a few people can do that, I want to search for weight loss list, 80% is the promotion of energy-saving, rather than the real potential customers. read more

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APP education hidden huge gold developers looking for golden house

July 18th news, educational mobile Internet APP applications, in the strict sense is not all the extension of the physical education in the mobile internet. Due to the strong interaction and interactivity of mobile Internet applications, combined with the educational process, will be derived from more business and functional possibilities.

children’s Educational Software Research Institute engineer father network founder and general manager Li Wenhua in an interview with IT Business News Network said, APP education has significantly improved children’s traditional educational media performance, very interested in children, parents are willing to invest, these three aspects are harbingers of future good development of education app. read more

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Taobao single page product selection errors caused by the painful experience

March 17, 2012, I launched a skin care brand’s official website. Because I am Taobao guest novice, not what good experience on product selection on single page, read some of the Raiders, will start doing the unsuspectingly. I choose the skin care brand, in line with the "Baidu index 100~1000" "Commission high" "competitive small" three principles, originally thought should soon have benefits, who know I was wrong.

After the

website, I started learning SEO, every afternoon to each big BBS to send the chain, basically to reply, every day the chain growth number is about 10~30, the number is not large, the quality is not high. The evening began to update the article 1, false original or original. read more

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Men open shop specifically to rescue MLM trapped personnel per million yuan

Wuhan, a man opened a shop in the Taobao online, said they provide professional services to help and save his life, to persuade people to fall into the mlm. He opened the service price is ten thousand yuan to save one person. Yesterday, the reporter left by its contact with the QQ, the man claimed that he had caught MLM experience, and has a unique way to help and persuade people into mlm. Save the idea after

initiation experience marketing

yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw a strange shop in Taobao online: the owner is not selling goods, but claimed to provide professional services to lay down his life to save, can fall into the MLM friend, each save a person 10 thousand yuan, the first payment after. read more

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The novice to learn how to in Wangzhuan Forum


9azz is a blog network web site to make money, so I often concern Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, search on Baidu, but one is not the majority of the forum, the rest is Wangzhuan forum, to be honest and good Wangzhuan forum now atrazine is uneven, the real forum, I still suggest you go to see the Wangzhuan home, where can learn the real knowledge! Is there is reasonable from the point of view, there is also a forum, the meaning of its existence, at least it can provide us some place to learn, whether there can help us learn read more

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The start up required dry cargo story this way to capture the investors

this article analyzes the importance of storytelling and should not reach seven, when the content of marketing is more and more important, the company behind the brand story not only represents more meaning for start-ups, "every start-ups should start with the form of media".

when you call a taxi, but has not to listen, but also the dispatcher kept saying "soon, 15 minutes, 15 minutes after that are not even a shadow. If there is an application that will help you find the nearest empty taxi, this is the legendary inspiration behind Uber, a story that has been summed up in one sentence: "everyone’s personal driver". read more

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Transparent cooperation with the owners of the three step song B2C home appliance mall

recently, the brand home appliance channel cooperation projects in the industry caused no small waves. On the issue of channel cooperation, the author interviewed a number of cooperative web site owners, interviews found that the form of cooperation in the form of channel owners have given full recognition, and the prospects for cooperation with high hopes.

detail transparency

webmaster reflect, brand home appliances network launched the brand home appliance channel cooperation, not only has a standardized cooperation agreement, the details of the deal is also very transparent. This transparency is to cooperate with the website to respect and protect the right to know, to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss due to asymmetric information. read more

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